Billy Acord

Remember to use the videos to see the trick being performed and then to learn how to perform it. Below you will find an outline of the trick and the story that can be used to perform it. (You do not have to use this story. You can always make up your own story to suit your  personality.)


The magician shows a length of cord and tells the story about a little boy called Billy Acord.  Billy loved going cycling but as he went around a roundabout he was ‘Cut Up’ and ended up in pieces. Billy later fully recovers and is restored into one length of cord.

Billy Acord Story

This is a story about a little boy called Billy Acord. He is called Billy Acord because it’s really a story about a piece of cord who I am going to call Billy.
Billy used to love going cycling; he had completed his cycle proficiency test, put on his cycle helmet and off he went out for a ride one day.

Billy was cycling along ( tie the reef knot to form the roundabout as you say this part of the story) when he came to a roundabout. He was cycling around the roundabout when, unfortunately for him, he got ‘Cut Up’. Billy ended up in pieces, in fact Billy ended up in two pieces one on this side and the other on this side giving us four ends. (Count the ends to prove you have two pieces of cord.)

An ambulance was called and Billy was taken to hospital, where the nurse noticed he still had his cycle helmet on and his hair was hanging out of the side. The doctors examined him because he could have been very seriously injured, he could have broken his arm, he could have broken his legs, he could have been brain damaged. The nurse noticed his hair and it niggled her so she decided to trim it off, (cut the ends of the cord above the knot then pull on the ends of the cord as you say the next part of the story.) She took the cycle helmet off and Billy was one of those few boys who had an accident but wasn’t injured and was able to tell the tale.



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