Billy Acord

Remember to use the videos to see the trick being performed and then to learn how to perform it. Below you will find an outline of the materials you will need to perform the trick together with some safety advice when performing.


To perform this trick you can use any type of cord. You will find that every time you perform the trick the cord will get a little bit shorter, so it is always best to start with a length of cord more than you need to enable you to use the same cord to repeat the trick. As you have to cut the cord make sure you use one that can be easily cut. I have used soft cord from a DIY store, string from a parcel and even boot laces.


Cord or Rope:

  • Never use the rope to hit people with and never use it to tie people up.
  • Never flick the rope towards another person particularly their face.
  • Never put rope around your neck.


  • Always check with an adult before using scissors. Never point them at another person, and always use scissors with rounded ends if they are available.
  • Always focus on the task at hand when using scissors.
  • When using scissors, cut in a direction away from your body and fingers.
  • Do not attempt to catch a dropped pair of scissors. Let the scissors fall and then pick them up.
  • Use scissors in well-lit work areas
  • Never play around with scissors. 
  • If you suffer an injury while using a pair of scissors, tell an adult. Seek medical attention if the injury is serious.


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