Captain’s Nightshirt

Remember to use the videos to see the trick being performed and then to learn how to perform it. Below you will find an outline of the trick and the story that can be used to perform it. (You do not have to use this story. You can always make up your own story to suit your personality.)


The magician holds a paper boat and tells the story about a captain caught up in rough seas where his boat is destroyed. When the emergency services locate him all they find is his nightshirt.

Captains Nightshirt Story

This is a story about a man who decided to travel around the world on his sailing ship, he jumped in and off he went. As the waves got bigger he found the ship went up the waves and down the waves (follow the movement of the waves with the boat), up the waves and down.

On one of those times the boat was going down he found that a sword fish cut the end of his boat off. (tear one end of the boat off) He was in a bit of trouble at this stage because the water came flooding in and he did not quite know what to do, and as the boat started to sink (tear the other end of the boat off) a shark bit the other end off.

The boat was in real trouble (open up the boat) as it started to open up. He was hanging onto the mast, not quite knowing what to do, when a seagull came along flitter fluttered down and tore off the top of the mast. (Tear the top of the mast off)

At this point he sent out an SOS, the Lifeboat came and when they got there all they managed to find (open up the paper to reveal the nightshirt) was the captain’s nightshirt.





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