Coin in Glass

Remember to use the videos to see the trick being performed and then to learn how to perform it. Below you will find an outline of the trick and the story that can be used to perform it. (You do not have to use this story. You can always make up your own story to suit your personality.)


The magician asks a spectator for a 20p coin. This he marks to identify it. The coin is put under a handkerchief and held by the spectator. The magician then takes from a bag a ball of wool. This he puts into a glass. He then pulls the handkerchief away and the coin disappears. The end of wool is then pulled unravelling the wool in the glass. Eventually the spectator hears a clink in the glass where they see a coin. On examination it is revealed it is their very own coin with markings they put on in at the very beginning of the trick.

Coin in Glass Story

You will need to ask a spectator to help with this trick. First ask them their name, and if they have a 20p piece. (You can always have one to give them.)  Tell them you want them to mark their coin with a felt tip pen to identify it later.
(Take the spectators coin and place it under the handkerchief) Ask the spectator to hold their coin through the handkerchief. Ask them if they can feel the coin.
(Go into the bag; insert the coin into the chute and wool. Remove the chute and take out the wool) I have a ball of wool and I am going to place the wool into this glass (place the wool into the glass) Ask the spectator to hold the glass with the wool inside.

I am going to take this handkerchief (pull on the end of the handkerchief) and the coin has disappeared. If I pull on the end of this wool (unravel the wool) you will hear your coin drop into the glass.

(Once the coin is in the glass tip it onto the spectator’s hand.) Is that your coin? Can you check the mark you put on it?





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