Road Safety Bag

Remember to use the videos to see the trick being performed and then to learn how to perform it. Below you will find an outline of the trick and the story that can be used to perform it. (You do not have to use this story. You can always make up your own story to suit your  personality.)


The magician shows a strip of paper and draws a Zebra Crossing. He then folds the paper into three sections to form a bag holding the sides together with paper clips. When he pulls on the edges of the bag the paper, elastic band and paper clips are all linked together.

Road Safety Bag Story

This is The story about a little boy called Billy. Now Billy wanted to be able to show he younger sister how to cross the road at a zebra crossing, and she wanted something they could take with them to remind them how to cross the road and to be safe.
Billy started by drawing a zebra crossing onto a sheet of paper and then writing on the end Magic Road Safety Bag.
Billy needed a handle for the bag and he used this elastic band which fits over the crossing like this.
Billy then folded the paper to make a bag and to ensure it did not open up she placed two paper clips to keep it closed.
When it was finished Billy gave it to his sister and told her the bag would help her cross the road at a zebra crossing.
Billy’s sister asked her about her new bag and what the various parts meant. Billy told her the handle was to remind her to always stop at a crossing. The two paper clips we to tell her to always look and listen before she crossed the road and the bag was to remind her to always think before putting one foot into the road.
Her sister told her that the messages should be linked together and Billy told her they were. He pulled onto each end of the bag and STOP – LOOK – LISTEN and THINK are all joined together.




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